“Who Will Listen to the Women?” Luke 24:1-12

Another great message! Christ is risen indeed!


Who will listen to the women?

I am accustomed to pointing to the women in Jesus’ final days and in the resurrection accounts as exemplary disciples and witnesses.

While the disciples flee in terror for what might happen to them, the women are the ones who stand steadfast by Jesus’ side throughout.

They can do so, however, by virtue of their relative anonymity. They are able to stay at the foot of the cross and witness the crucifixion, because of their lack of status, and their ability to blend in and be invisible.

I mean, who pays any attention to women? That’s the attitude in the 1st century. No one (except significantly the gospel writers,) pays any mind to them hanging around in the dirty business of the execution.

They are also the ones who can make their way to the tomb on that Easter morning primarily because, again…

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