Congregational Vitality

After the Disaster — Appreciative Inquiry and the Path to the Future

I am writing a little guidebook on Appreciative Inquiry and the Church during and after the Disaster of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has been a challenging time for congregations and similar organizations. We have been unable to meet and worship face to face. We have been unable to teach and administer in ways we’re used … Continue reading After the Disaster — Appreciative Inquiry and the Path to the Future

If 1850 Comes Again, We’ll be Ready

Presidents of the six Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) seminaries have issued a statement rejecting Critical Race Theory (CRT) as antithetical to Baptist Christian faith and doctrine. The seminary leaders met together recently to affirm the doctrinal and confessional status of the “Baptist Faith and Message 2000,” a document that, according to the statement, “unites and … Continue reading If 1850 Comes Again, We’ll be Ready

Knowing Love

Krista Tippett had a conversation with Bryan Stevenson on the latest “On Being” podcast. You might find that on a local public radio station this weekend. But the podcast can be accessed at Tippett is the founder and long-time host of the programs and the beating heart of a much larger enterprise devoted to, … Continue reading Knowing Love

Leadership — Asking Good Questions

Let’s talk Leadership. What is it? I’ve been given the opportunity to return to some work and reflection on Appreciative Inquiry and congregational health. Here’s a resource piece I have worked on several times over the last few years. Perhaps it will be helpful. “Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, … Continue reading Leadership — Asking Good Questions

Backwards Again

Did you ever have one of those moments when a thought is out there in the fog of awareness, just beyond any clear vision? That’s my state of consciousness most of the time, but right now it’s a bit more pronounced. I keep thinking about the ELCA plan for the future and the plan’s identified … Continue reading Backwards Again

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